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soft white painted living room walls

The White Paint Dilemma

Because Choosing a Shade of White is Clearly Rocket Science

The process of choosing a white paint, where decisions range from the stark purity of Extra White to the creamy embrace of Vanilla Milkshake can be a daunting task. Amidst the chaos of over a million options, designers strive to rescue clients from indecision, offering recommendations like Sherwin Williams Pure White for trim or the Goldilocks-approved Simply White for walls. With humor and sage advice, this article reminds us that perhaps the shade of our living room walls isn't worth the existential crisis it may induce in the grand scheme of life.


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Designing for Disappointment

Financial Truths in Interior Design

In interior design, the journey from conception to completion is often fraught with unexpected hurdles. This article offers a candid reflection on the intersection of creativity and financial pragmatism in interior design projects. Through a narrative lens, it explores the emotional rollercoaster experienced by designers as they grapple with clients' budgetary constraints and the compromise between artistic vision and fiscal reality.


hedge labyrinth

Labyrinth of Revisions

The Endless Tweaks and Adjustments that Designers and Architects Endure

In the glamorous life of architects and interior designers, creativity reigns supreme amidst a hidden struggle. This article unveils the epic journey of designers and architects as they navigate through endless client revisions. From colorful fabric choices to budget constraints and DIY Pinterest boards, the process is fraught with challenges, yet ultimately results in a design that both surprises and delights.


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Finding Inner Peace

A Guide to Meditating When Your Design Gets Trashed

Within the landscape of interior design, encountering criticism or having work replaced by DIY projects can be disheartening. This article explores the transformative power of meditation in helping designers cope with disappointment and navigate unexpected challenges. By embracing mindfulness and detaching from outcomes, designers can cultivate emotional balance and find renewed purpose in their craft.


cartoon couple getting marriage counseling

Confessions of an Interior Designer

Mind-Readers and Saving Relationships One Ottoman at a Time

Explore the multiple roles interior designers take as masters of multiple disciplines, from conflict resolution to digital design. Beyond swatches and throw pillows, they serve as counselors, mind readers, and tech wizards, adeptly translating vague visions into tangible realities. With skills spanning from color expertise to legal acumen, interior designers navigate the intricate terrain of design, embodying a fusion of creativity and pragmatism to create stunning living environments.


pink marble bathroom with white tub

Pink Marble Incident

When a Client Wants a Refund on Installed Material

In the endeavor to elevate their bathroom space with elegant white marble, a client faces an unforeseen challenge when the installed stone reveals an unexpected pink tint. Amidst threats of legal action and negotiations for recourse, the narrative emphasizes the need for careful planning and accountability in the design and construction process to mitigate costly repercussions.


sofa made out of boxes

Amazon Prime and Wayfair Specials

Bid Adieu to the Wild Goose Chase for Super Deals

When penny-pinching meets design aspirations: An interior designer's dilemma unfolds as a thrifty client seeks to negotiate Wayfair specials instead of high-end furnishings. Witness the comedic dance of budget-friendly compromises and the designer's reluctant acquiescence to a journey of questionable choices, all in the pursuit of saving a few dollars.


blue conference room with modern lighting

Perfect Proposal

The Perils of Landing a Commercial Design Project

Navigating the commercial interior design bidding process is like a strategic dance where charm meets business acumen. From the initial meeting with skeptical clients to crafting the perfect proposal, designers tread a fine line between impressing and preserving their trade secrets. Join us as we humorously explore the highs and lows of this rollercoaster journey through the eyes of designers aiming to win over both hearts and contracts.


paint bucket with dresser

Challenges of DIY

Mastering the Art of What to Say and What Not to Say

Discover practical approaches for interior designers to navigate clients' DIY initiatives without compromising the overall design vision. From setting clear boundaries to highlighting the value of professional expertise, learn how to maintain harmony while incorporating client contributions. This article strikes a balance in managing DIY projects in interior design real life scenarios


shiplap foyer

Design Monotony

How HGTV & Social Media Affect the Interior Design Industry

Explore the captivating world of interior design influenced by the omnipresent HGTV phenomenon. This article examines the allure and pitfalls of replicating on-screen trends, emphasizing the importance of cultivating individuality in design. By challenging the status quo and seeking inspiration from diverse sources, designers can transcend the confines of mainstream trends, fostering innovation and authenticity in the industry.


midcentury modern dresser and chair

Furniture Mishaps

I Turned My Mistake into an Opportunity to Spread Joy

In the world of professional mishaps, one furniture aficionado shares their journey navigating through blunders with a blend of resourcefulness and humor. Faced with ordering the wrong dresser for a client, the protagonist orchestrates a covert operation, ingeniously repurposing the misplaced furniture while seamlessly rectifying the situation. Through quiet corrections and unexpected solutions, they demonstrate the art of transforming errors into blessings, leaving a cautionary tale behind for others in the industry.


handyman fixing a piece of furniture with screwdriver

Broken Pieces

The Never Ending Saga of Broken Furniture

The life of an interior designer is far from the idyllic image portrayed in glossy magazines. Beyond the polished surfaces lie the trials of managing difficult clients and the constant battle against broken furniture and kitchen mishaps. With humor and determination, designers weather the storm, mastering the delicate art of client diplomacy while preserving their sanity amidst the chaos. In this field of shattered expectations, laughter emerges as the ultimate remedy, offering solace in the face of relentless challenges.


woman installing wallpaper

Wallpaper Misalignment

When Impatience Leads to Wallpaper Troubles

Within the landscape of interior design collaboration, impatience can lead clients astray, as demonstrated in this narrative. Eager for swift results, a client disregards the designer's counsel and opts for an alternative wallpaper installer. What follows is a series of unfortunate events, with the hastily chosen contractor failing to meet the project's demands, leaving behind a patchwork of flaws and disappointment. This story serves as a stark reminder of the pitfalls of impulsive decision-making in the design field, emphasizing the invaluable role of patience and trust in seasoned professionals.


light fixture installation

If it's Broken Don't Install it

The Importance of Inspecting Plumbing and Lighting Fixtures

In the business of interior design, the meticulous inspection of plumbing and lighting fixtures emerges as a pivotal yet often underestimated task. Clients' misconceptions regarding the durability of fixtures during transit and the reluctance to compensate designers for inspection time pose significant challenges. By advocating for transparent communication and emphasizing the importance of fixture inspection, designers and contractors can foster successful collaborations and enhance client satisfaction, ultimately elevating the overall project outcome.