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Design Monotony

How HGTV & Social Media Affect the Interior Design Industry

Picture this: a world where every living room looks like it just stepped out of an HGTV show. OH wait! Don’t we already have that? I am personally exhausted of these shows magically transforming spaces into shiplap wonders with a heavy touch of monotony. Let’s explore how the love affair with Home and Garden Network is turning our homes into twinsies and teaching our clients that a project can be completed within a matter of days.

Interior designers, often caught in the dilemma of “To Conform or Not to Conform,” may feel the pressure to deliver what is on trend. Instead of sticking to the script, focus on understanding your client’s quirks and preferences. Keep up with the latest design trends, but don’t take them too seriously. Think of it like staying updated on the latest Netflix episodes – entertaining, but not the gospel. Trends may come and go, but your education and knowledge of ergonomics, proportions, and functionality is timeless.

cookie cutter homes

I recently found myself knee-deep in the design ambitions of a client who had, quite frankly, overdosed on HGTV. This enthusiastic binge-watcher was on a mission: to duplicate every room showcased on the beloved channel. Yet, in the midst of the laughter, a serious note surfaced. It’s essential to delicately guide clients away from the cookie-cutter path, reminding them that a home should be a unique reflection of personal style, not a tribute to every on-screen trend.

As they earnestly aim to replicate every room they’ve ever seen on the channel, I can’t help but empathize, recognizing that this cycle of inspiration has become the heartbeat of modern interior design. The network often follows a formulaic approach, showcasing similar design trends, color schemes, and furniture choices. As a result, viewers are bombarded with a homogenized version of what is considered trendy or stylish. In an era dominated by the visual allure of social media, it’s no surprise that the HGTV effect extends beyond the television screen. The perpetuating loop begins anew:

1. Watch it on TV

HGTV hosts may be more actors and salespeople than designers, yet their ubiquitous presence has made them the go-to figures for interior design advice.

2. Clients Request it

Clients express this desire because they aim to enhance the value of their homes or facilitate a smooth and quick sale

3. Post on Social Media

Inevitably, as a designer I find myself posting the finished design on social media and my online presence explodes…

social media cycle

It’s a carousel of creativity – a never-ending cycle of inspiration and emulation that, while amusing, underscores the pervasive influence of popular media on design trends. In this digital age, the challenge lies in maintaining the delicate balance between trendsetting and cultivating individuality. Designers find themselves trapped in a cycle of producing what sells rather than pushing boundaries and exploring innovative concepts.

How to be True to Your Work:

While HGTV has its moments of design brilliance, let’s not forget to avoid the monotony trap. Interior designers should actively seek inspiration from a wide range of sources beyond HGTV. Embrace diversity, tailor designs to personalities, experiment with textures, stay educated without losing a sense of humor. These steps can help create a more diverse and unique design portfolio. By doing so, the interior design industry can evolve beyond the constraints of popular trends and foster a culture of innovation and authenticity.


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