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Wallpaper Misalignment

When Impatience Leads to Wallpaper Troubles

When it comes to interior design, a successful project often hinges on the collaboration between the designer and their trusted team of contractors. However, sometimes clients choose to take matters into their own hands, disregarding the advice of seasoned professionals. In this narrative, we explore the consequences of impulsive decision-making as a client, against recommendations, hires a different wallpaper installer, leading to a disastrous outcome.

The Client’s Impatience

For an interior designer, it’s not uncommon to work with highly skilled contractors who may have tight schedules due to their popularity and demand. Such was the case for a particular designer who consistently collaborated with a reputable wallpaper installer. Despite the installer’s outstanding track record, the client, driven by impatience and a desire for immediate results, decided to seek an alternative.

The Ill-Fated Decision

In this instance, the client had their heart set on a breathtaking 4,000 dollar wallpaper installation. Faced with the challenge of securing the services of the preferred installer due to his busy schedule, impatience got the better of the client. In a rush to see their vision come to life, they hired a different installer without heeding the designer’s advice to wait for the preferred professional.

Disaster Unfolds

As the new installer began the ambitious project, it quickly became apparent that experience and expertise are not easily replaced. The wallpaper started to shrink, leaving unsightly gaps between each roll. The once-promising mural turned into a nightmarish display of seams and misalignments. The client’s impulsive decision had not only jeopardized the aesthetic integrity of the space but also resulted in a significant waste of resources.

The Second Chance

Recognizing the severity of the situation, the client turned to the original designer for help. Acknowledging the magnitude of the mistake, the designer stepped in to salvage the project. The client, now in a desperate position, ordered additional wallpaper, from the designer’s supplier, and awaited the return of the recommended trusted installer.


Dear Client, choose wisely between cost, quality, and time, for prioritizing one inevitably means sacrificing a bit of the others.

Lessons Learned

This real life account serves as a obvious reminder that impatience in the coordination of interior design can lead to disastrous outcomes. In an industry where precision and attention to detail are paramount, cutting corners often results in more significant setbacks. Interior designers, armed with experience and expertise, offer valuable insights that can save clients from costly mistakes.

The client’s impulsive decision to hire a different wallpaper installer against the designer’s recommendation proved to be a costly lesson. As the original installer rectified the errors and restored the project to its intended glory, the client learned the importance of trusting the expertise of their design team. In the ever-evolving world of interior design, patience and collaboration with trusted professionals remain key to achieving stunning and enduring results


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