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Labyrinth of Revisions

The Endless Tweaks and Adjustments that Designers and Architects Endure

In the glamorous world of architecture and interior design, where creativity is the primary focus there exists a secret struggle that goes unnoticed by the untrained eye. It’s a battle of opinions and a test of endurance. We’re talking about the epic journey in the maze of revisions – those endless tweaks and adjustments that designers and architects endure in their quest to please the ever-elusive client.

The seasoned interior designer with an eye for elegance and perfection, begins a project with a clear vision. The project begins innocently enough. Carefully curated designs, each element meticulously chosen to create a harmonious sense of style, unfold. Explaining choices with the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store, only to be met with a raised eyebrow and a hesitant nod from the client, the designer becomes aware that the artistic masterpiece is about to become a canvas for the whims and fancies of the client.

Revision #1

Client: “I like it, but can we make it pop more?”

Designer: “There is quite a bit of color already are you sure?”

Client: “I don’t like dusty colors.”

Designer: confused on what is meant by dusty because the current fabric selections are as close as bright without being neon. “Can you show me what you mean?”

colorful fabrics hanging on hangers
Revision #2

Client: “I want it to feel cozy, you know?”

Designer: “Absolutely! I’ll add some texture and softer fabrics.”

Client: “But not too textured. We can’t have anything that the kids can ruin. Everything needs to be wipeable.”

Revision #3

Client: “I was thinking, what if we flip the toilet to the other wall?”

Designer: “But now you are going to see the toilet from the living room. I really like to see the vanity upon first approach to the bathroom. Trust me it is a much better first impression.”

Revision #4

Client: “I love it but can we cut the budget in half?”

Designer: Struggles to contain her laughter and/or tears. “Of course, we will just swap that Italian marble for some high-end formica. Budget friendly, right?”

Revision #5

Client: “I like this rug better. My money, my decision.”

Designer: “I understand that you like this rug better but for the overall space, this other rug ties the entire kitchen and living room colors together.”

stack of rolled up rugs
Revision #6

Client: “I was up all night painting this. What do you think?”

Designer: “That looks like a ton of work! Let’s put it in the VIP Suite where all your guests can admire it.”

Client: “Good idea!”

Designer: sigh of relief.

As if the revisions weren’t enough, there’s a curious case of clients who decide to venture in the realm of interior design themselves. Armed with a Pinterest board and a fleeting sense of confidence they proudly present their “vision” to the designer.

Revision #7

Client: “I’ve changed my mind; let’s go for a completely different style. Don’t kill me, I was working on my Pinterest boards last night and I was thinking we could make the powder a little more bohemian.”

Designer: “I have no problem doing that but the powder is connected to the office which is more of a classic mountain modern style. Are you sure you don’t want it to be cohesive?”

In the end, after numerous rounds of revisions, compromises, the occasional bout of laughter and a few headaches, the client settles on the option. But oh, the sweet irony – it’s often the designer’s original suggestions that finally get the nod.

Designer: confused but relieved “So we are going with the velvet chairs after all?”

Client: “Yes, it’s perfect.”

And so the cycle continues. The design emerges, having navigated the labyrinth of the revisions and emerged with a design that, against all odds, the client loves. Until the next project begins, and the comedy of revisions starts anew. It’s a never-ending dance, a delicate balancing act, and a reminder that, in the world of design, laughter is the best medicine.


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