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Wallpaper Calculator

Professional Wallpaper Estimation Using Our Excel Spreadsheet

Estimating wallpaper can be a challenging task, especially when considering pattern repeats. The intricate designs and varying repeats in wallpaper patterns add complexity to the estimation process. Achieving accurate measurements is crucial to ensure sufficient coverage without unnecessary waste. Balancing precision and efficiency in wallpaper estimating requires a keen understanding of pattern repeats and attention to detail.

It’s important to note that while our spreadsheet serves as a valuable tool for quick estimates, it is particularly useful for clients who may not fully grasp the intricacies of wallcovering costs. However, we highly recommend consulting with a professional installer for a more accurate quantity estimate. Wallcoverings often come with considerations such as dye lots and potential color variations introduced during the printing process. Relying solely on a spreadsheet may lead to shortages or mismatches, as color nuances can change subtly across different batches if the calculation is short. Entrusting the estimation to an experienced installer ensures a more precise calculation that takes into account these nuances, providing a safeguard against unforeseen discrepancies in the final installation.

1. Subscribe and Download

The first step involves downloading the user-friendly Excel spreadsheet designed to streamline wallpaper calculations. We ask that you sign-up with your email address in order to download. We would love your feedback in the comments.

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Excel spreadsheet wallpaper calculator

Verify final quantities with installer. We are not responsible for any miscalculations. Email us if you would like in Google Sheets format. Functions are not the same.

Privacy Policy: Presently, your email address is utilized solely for the purpose of tracking download metrics for our spreadsheet. No further actions or utilization of this data are undertaken at this time.

2. Fill in Color Boxes Only

In the initial step, focus exclusively on completing the color boxes within the Excel sheet. Avoid altering any other cells, as it may interfere with the spreadsheet’s functions and, consequently, compromise accurate results.

3. Provide Wallpaper Specifications

Proceed to step three by inputting the wallpaper specifications, including width, length, and pattern repeat. This information is crucial for precise estimation.

4. Enter Wall Dimensions

For effective use, input the dimensions of each wall individually in step three. Recognize that wall heights can vary within the same space, necessitating a single-wall approach for accurate calculations.

5. Review the Results

Upon completion, view your results. If the quantity is sufficient for a single roll, the outcome will be displayed at the bottom. Otherwise, it will be rounded up to double rolls/bolts for practical ordering.

6. Consider Large Openings

Acknowledge the presence of large openings in step five. A designated area is provided to subtract the space occupied by significant doors and windows, measured from casing to casing. Exercise caution when subtracting smaller windows to ensure proper alignment of pattern repeats, as cutting around them may result in increased waste.

7. Final Adjustments

In step seven, subtract the calculated number of rolls from the total. When uncertainty arises, always round up and never down. It is advisable to purchase an extra roll or two to account for potential accidental damages and installation errors, ensuring a seamless and well-prepared wallpaper installation.


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