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Furniture Mishaps

I Turned My Mistake into an Opportunity to Spread Joy

Within the intricate landscape of professional errors, one individual recounts their journey of turning blunders into strokes of brilliance. Confronted with the consequences of ordering the wrong furniture for a client, the protagonist embarks on a mission of quiet corrections, opting for creative solutions over conventional rectifications. Through a blend of grace, resourcefulness, and a sprinkle of humor, they navigate through setbacks, transforming mishaps into advantageous outcomes while leaving behind valuable lessons for fellow professionals.


handyman fixing a piece of furniture with screwdriver

Broken Pieces

The Never Ending Saga of Broken Furniture

In the demanding field of interior design, the glossy facade often conceals the gritty reality of dealing with shattered dreams and broken furniture. As seasoned designers navigate the treacherous waters of handling complaints and managing irate clients, they find themselves confronting unexpected challenges like damaged goods and absurd requests. Yet, amidst the chaos, they discover resilience and resourcefulness, turning disasters into success stories while steadfastly refusing to operate on unrealistic return policies akin to big-box retailers.


woman installing wallpaper

Wallpaper Misalignment

When Impatience Leads to Wallpaper Troubles

Within the domain of interior design lies a narrative of impatience and its repercussions. As a client's desire for immediate gratification overrides prudent counsel, a crucial decision emerges: to forego the designer's trusted contractor in favor of expediency. The consequences are dire, with the chosen installer's lack of expertise unraveling the envisioned aesthetic, transforming it into a discordant tableau of errors. Yet, amidst the wreckage, there lies a glimmer of redemption as the original design team rallies to salvage the project, highlighting the enduring importance of patience and collaboration in achieving design excellence.


snapshot of excel and autoCAD

Excel Spreadsheet into AutoCAD

Computer Tricks for Architects and Interior Designers

The integration of Excel and AutoCAD presents a powerful tool for architects and interior designers, streamlining the design process with efficient data management. This article provides a comprehensive guide, detailing step-by-step instructions for importing Excel spreadsheets into AutoCAD drawings. Emphasizing the importance of well-structured data and clear formatting, it offers practical tips to ensure smooth integration and accurate representation within drawings. With a focus on practicality and ease of use, designers can enhance their workflow, seamlessly incorporating Excel data into their AutoCAD projects. From preparing Excel spreadsheets to adjusting table properties within AutoCAD, this guide equips designers with the knowledge to optimize their design documentation process.


light fixture installation

If it's Broken Don't Install it

The Importance of Inspecting Plumbing and Lighting Fixtures

Plumbing and lighting fixtures are indispensable facets of interior design projects, impacting both functionality and ambiance. Despite their significance, clients frequently overlook the crucial step of inspecting these elements upon arrival, leading to potential complications and dissatisfaction. This article explores the common pitfalls surrounding fixture inspection, emphasizing the proactive role designers and contractors must play in addressing these issues to ensure project success.


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Wallpaper Calculator

Professional Wallpaper Estimation Using Our Excel Spreadsheet

Streamlined Wallpaper Estimation Tool: Navigating the complexities of wallpaper estimation demands a delicate balance of precision and efficiency. Our Excel spreadsheet offers a user-friendly solution tailored to simplify this process, particularly beneficial for those unfamiliar with wallcovering costs intricacies. While it serves as a valuable resource for quick estimates, it's essential to recognize its limitations and the necessity of professional guidance to mitigate potential discrepancies. By prioritizing accurate inputs and recognizing nuances like dye lots and color variations, users can optimize their wallpaper calculations and ensure a seamless installation experience.


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Invoices 101

Surviving Non-Payment with Wit and Wisdom

Navigating the complexities of payment disputes in the contracting and design industry requires a nuanced approach. This article explores various strategies for handling non-payment, including legal remedies, negotiation tactics, and upfront payment strategies. From leveraging mechanic’s liens to implementing holding furniture hostage clauses, contractors and designers can proactively protect their interests and ensure fair compensation for their services. By understanding the options available and maintaining transparent communication with clients, professionals can navigate payment disputes with confidence and professionalism.


modern living room with side panels or drapery

Drapery Calculator

Professional Drapery Estimation Using Our Excel Spreadsheet

Efficient Drapery Calculation Tool: Simplify your drapery calculation process with our user-friendly Excel spreadsheet. Designed to accommodate various factors like fabric widths, repeats, and stack, this tool aids in providing clients with preliminary estimates, crucial for budget planning. No more waiting for fabricators to catch up with demand; streamline your decision-making process and facilitate early approval. Download the spreadsheet today and optimize your drapery projects.